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I am pleased to be serving the students of Biola University in La Mirada California as Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering. Prior to joining Biola's full-time faculty, I worked in industry for eighteen years doing bioanalytical and biomedical spectroscopy, developing new instrumentation, assay methods, and signal processing algorithms that are in use in hospital analyzers (chemistry, immunoassay, and PCR) and in biomedical research. Only a school like Biola, where caring for students is paramount, could have pulled me from the practice of science to the classroom and teaching laboratory.

The articles linked at the right side of this page are meant to be useful to students, fellow teaching faculty, and other visitors. Topics are taken from my main teaching areas: Physical Chemistry I & II, Introductory General Chemistry, Technical Computing and Numerical Methods, and Circuits. All of my articles are original copyrighted material, offered here in a spirit of collegiality. So that I can know what is useful to others, please request permission for personal or classroom use or reproduction of these materials by contacting me at "info (at sign)"

An RSS feed is available from this page to appraise you of new articles, which will appear irregularly as my responsibilities permit.

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